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During November 2019, Grey Matter travelled by plane, train and automobile across the UK with Embarcadero, to deliver our Embarcadero Roadshow workshops.

It was great to meet up with new and friendly faces from the Delphi community, to hear about how their projects are going and to let them know about the various developments and insights from Embarcadero. It was particularly nice to see such a good turnout to our Manchester workshop as we haven’t ventured up north in a long while. We are looking to do more events spread across the UK later this year, thanks to the great feedback we had.

The technical sessions were led by Delphi guru Marco Cantu. I will run through some of the items that Marco discussed at the workshops in this blog post.


Embarcadero is part of the Idera Group, within the developer tools focus, alongside Sencha, Froala, Whole Tomato Software and Lansa (low code), a recent acquisition. Idera has acquired vendors for database and DevOps tools too. It’s exciting to see how these acquisitions and partnerships will shape the future development of RAD Studio. For instance with Embarcadero, RAD Server is improved with JavaScript support thanks to Sencha.

RAD Studio strategy

RAD Studio remains key in the Windows client development space and the VCL improvements are adding to this.

Embarcadero is looking to leverage mobile and multi-device development – as they know this is the next step for many developers – offering Delphi support on all key target platforms. As well, they will focus on code compatibility and migration.

Industry trends

Marco ran through some of the industry trends and how Embarcadero is correlating with them. To coincide with security and code signing, OS vendor and controlled distribution, Embarcadero supports stores, notarization and are planning MSIX support. To tackle a high capacity of data, as it is everywhere now, Embarcadero has FireDAC, CData, HTTP/REST clients, and more. As for modernisation with Git, CI and containers, there is Docker for RAD Server, and they are considering Idera DevOps. Plus, Rapid Application Development (RAD) is making a comeback with Apple and Google, this bridges traditional and low code models. Embarcadero is renowned for being one of the best at RAD.

Windows development

Windows 7 support went End of Life on 14 January 2020. How does this affect developers? They will need to migrate to Windows 10 and update their application. This will allow them to refocus on more integrated support for things like the file system, notifications and installation, as well as focus on UI and app modernisation, and 4K monitor and multi-monitor support.

Microsoft is focusing on Windows native components such as a new platform browser that is edge-based on chromium, which is not .NET nor WinRT. There are new UI controls, WinUi 3.0. as well as MSIX_based distribution.

VCL is considered to be one of the best UI libraries for Windows 10 as it includes direct access to Win32 APIs, CO Shell Controls and WinRT new APIs. Developers can style existing VCL apps and publish them onto the Windows Store, and unlike .NET and Java, there is no dependency on any runtime or execution environment.


Delphi compiles to native code for Intel or ARM, whereas most compilers are based on the LLVM infrastructure. Again, like VCL, there is no runtime needed, so no dependency on an execution environment (.NET< JVM), and no runtime compilation, JITer, or any other layer. This makes for secure, fast xcopy deployment.

Event feedback

Here is some of the great feedback we received about the event, and about Grey Matter and Embarcadero:

We’ve been using Grey Matter for over 25 years now. Events like this where you get access to the tool providers through Grey Matter add real value to getting productivity out of the tool, which is why we continue to attend.” – Mark Gorst, Conwy Valley Systems Ltd.

I find the guys at Grey Matter to be a real asset. They are knowledgeable and very helpful in answering questions or getting issues resolved or pushed back up to Embarcadero. Many thanks to Embarcadero for putting a great resource (Marco) at our disposal to answer questions fully and honestly.” – Brian Southon, DA Systems

Great event allowing lots of Delphi enthusiasts to get together, network and then learn about the future path Delphi is likely to take. Great venue, food and warm welcome.” – Jon Lloyd, Systra Ltd

You can find out about our various upcoming events on our Events page. If there are specific topics that you would like us to present on, event format, or any preferences in cities we should visit on our next Embarcadero Roadshow, please get in touch.

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