JetBrains Academy

Since JetBrains Academy was introduced in February 2019, over 330,000 passionate students have dived into Java, Python, and other programming languages in the hands-on project-based learning environment that is integrated with the JetBrains IDEs.

JetBrains has now taken a big step up, announcing the release of JetBrains Academy for Organisations. This learning environment is designed to give companies and educational institutions an easy way to provide JetBrains Academy access to their employees, contractors, interns or students. It offers all the features available for individuals, as well as additional functionality that allows organisations to manage the learning process.

JetBrains Academy for Organisations comes with an annual subscription plan that provides unlimited yearly access to JetBrains Academy for members of an organisation with cost per user. Only annual subscriptions are currently available (no monthly subscriptions) and organisations have to purchase a minimum of 3 subscriptions.

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